The Lazarus Effect Trailer

The Lazarus Effect is about a medical team that finds a way to resurrect the dead through the use of a serum they’ve codenamed “Lazarus”.

The team’s first successful experiment is on a dog. When one of the researchers, Zoe, dies in a lab accident, a grief-stricken fellow researcher, Frank, decides to try the serum on her, making her the first human subject. Zoe is successfully resurrected, but she soon starts exhibiting odd, sinister behavior. Uncertain of what’s been unleashed, the team’s initial joy quickly turns to fear.

The film, originally set to premiere on January 30, 2015, Super Bowl weekend, was pushed back to February 27, 2015. Olivia Wilde plays Zoe, with Mark DuPlass as Frank. Sara Bolger, Donald Glover and Evan Peters are also in the cast. Glover is known to television audiences for his role as Troy on the show “Community” and Peters has starred in the “American Horror Story” anthologies. “The Lazarus Effect” was directed by David Gelb and written by Jeremy Slater and Luke Dawson, who’s also one of the producers. Gelb has previously been known for his work directing documentaries.

“The Lazarus Effect” was produced by Blumhouse Productions, Lionsgate and Mosaic Media Group. The film is being distributed theatrically by Relativity Media. Blumhouse has carved a niche for itself with such well known low-budget fare like “The Purge” and “Paranormal Activity”.

The latest trailer for The Lazarus Effect is now available on itunes. The film is rated PG-13 and is classified in the horror/thriller genres.

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