Top 10 iTunes Alternatives

Let us help you find the best alternative for iTunes movies and TV shows. We’ve spent weeks gathering information on which contenders deserve the best rankings and we’re finally finished. This list contains the top 10 alternatives, ranking in order from best to mediocre. For your convenience you may click on the company logo to visit their website.

1. Cloudload 9.7/10

Users at Cloudload will find an extensive selection from which to choose. Virtually any movie or TV show that has been loaded on the Internet can be accessed through Cloudload. The selection includes recent releases as well as classic films, and foreign-language versions are readily available, which is… Continue Reading

2. Hulu Plus 9.1/10

Hulu Plus is a rather popular service that offers many of the newest television shows, making it a stellar choice for those who want to have access to favorite shows right after they have aired live on cable. Subscribers pay $7.99 a month and gain access to thousands of episodes and… Continue Reading

3. Netflix 8.9/10

Netflix does offer a wide selection of various television shows and movies. Due to the way television rights work, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months for a show to appear on Netflix. As opposed to some of its competition, Netflix has begun to recently separate itself from… Continue Reading

4. LoveFilm 8.5/10

LoveFilm’s Instant option has 3790 movies in their queue and counting. Genres include Action, Drama, Family, Horror, Music, Thriller, and World Cinema, LoveFilm’s streaming option is comprehensive. Offered free as part of a monthly membership or as a stand along product, this option is flexible because… Continue Reading

5. Redbox 8.0/10

In 2004, Redbox became more popular. During 2005, there were Redbox kiosks located in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Salt Lake City, Baltimore, St. Louis and Houston. It was also in 2005 that Coinstar, Inc. bought into Redbox and began placing the kiosks at locations other than McDonalds. By 2009… Continue Reading

6. Google Play 7.8/10

There are a wide variety of both films and television programs available on the Movies & TV feature of Google Play. There are 16 categories of films, each containing anywhere from 34 to 550 films. Even with a certain amount of cross listing, this means that the feature renders access to… Continue Reading

7. Blockbuster 7.4/10

There are no contracts in place and no commitments when downloading the free app, and that can be very appealing to those who don’t want constraints or commitments of any sort. Blockbuster On Demand is a separate service from the Blockbuster@Home and Blockbuster By Mail subscription… Continue Reading

8. Vudu 6.5/10

With perhaps the maximum collection of HD movies to stream from, movie-watching is a pleasant experience on Vudu. Even the rentals are near the quickest of all the movie streaming sites. This is validated by the fact that you are able to stream videos the same day the film is released on… Continue Reading

9. Crackle 6.0/10

Crackle offers shows that are hand-picked by their staff, so there is always something of interest that is available. The offering is always changing, so you are assured of never running out of options. The shows are a wide range of dramas, science fiction, action, comedies and other areas of… Continue Reading

10. CinemaNow 5.7/10

CinemaNow offers a library of nearly 10,000 high-quality movies, short films, music concerts, and television shows from numerous well-known production companies and licensing entities, such as 20th Century Fox, Disney, MGM, NBC Universal, Sony, Warner Brothers, and Lions Gate Entertainment, to… Continue Reading