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Almost Human premiered back on November 17th, 2013 on the Fox channel. The show is considered to be in the drama, science fiction, and crime drama genres, and it was created by J. H. Wyman. Almost Human was filmed on sight in Vancouver, and it has a total of 9 episodes for the first season.

This tv series takes place in the year 2048, and thanks to the evolution of human science and technology, crime has gone through the roof rising by around 400%. It is because of the rise in crime rate that now all human police officers are required to be paired off with an android. John Kennex, played by Karl Urban, is just one of the detectives that is required to do this, however thanks to his past experiences with androids in the field, he has strong objections to doing this.

After being left by a so called android officer because of a low survive-ability rate, Kennex winds up in a coma that lasts 17 months. After coming out of the coma and being called back to duty by Captain Sandra Maldonado, played by Lili Taylor, Kennex is partnered with an older model android named Dorian , played by Michael Ealy, who constantly proves himself different from other androids.

A few other actors and actresses one will encounter in the series is Minka Kelly, as Detective Valerie Stahl, Micahel Irby, as Detective Richard Paul, and Mackenzie Crook, as Technician Rudy Lom. So far, episodes 1 through 6 have currently aired and the rest of the series will commence starting back January 6th, 2014 to finish off the final episodes of Season 1.

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