Currently owned by Best Buy, but initially a pioneering company, founded in 1999, CinemaNow is a web-based distribution company for digital media and content, including movies and television shows available through its video streaming service. Over the years, they have amassed several firsts in the online movie distribution industry. These days, they offer the option to buy or rent newly released movies and next-day episodes of hit TV shows. They specialize in offering the newest content, but have a lot more to offer than just hit shows and big name films.CinemaNow Logo

CinemaNow offers a library of nearly 10,000 high-quality movies, short films, music concerts, and television shows from numerous well-known production companies and licensing entities, such as 20th Century Fox, Disney, MGM, NBC Universal, Sony, Warner Brothers, and Lions Gate Entertainment, to name a few of the 250 companies in their library of digital media. They have a wide selection of highly popular new releases and blockbusters as well as choices of popular older films and award winners. As one unique feature, CinemaNow also offers an adult channel of streaming media through an agreement with a partner website. Right now, it is the only one in the mainstream end of movie download services to offer this type of content.

Unlike the majority of US download services, CinemaNow does not require a monthly subscription-based fee. Content is purchased or rented at the individual title level or in theme-based bundles. Creating an account is free; however, new members must also opt to join Ultraviolet (UV), a content sharing initiative between multiple digital content providers. New releases can cost between $16 – $18 for purchase. Renting a new release costs $3.99 – $4.99 for many new movies. This includes a 30-day rental viewing period with 24-hour watch period. Older movies are often discounted for purchase, with some costing $6 or less. The majority of rentals are newer releases, but a few film classics are available for rent at $2.99 for many of these titles.

CinemaNow ScreenshotCinemaNow is available for a wide variety of devices, including HDTVs and Blu-ray players, PC, Mac, or Ultrabook, XBox360 or PlayStation 3, iPad or iPhone and Android devices. Right now, compatibility with XBox One and PlayStation 4 have yet to be determined. More devises may be added in the future. To activate a devise, such as a smartphone or tablet, users download the CinemaNow app and then enter a code online to connect their device to their account.

CinemaNow is intended for use in United States only. This restriction is likely in place due to the complexities of international copyright law. Users of this service are not allowed to stream and/or download and/or transmit CinemaNow Content outside the United States. Users who decide to access their Service from other countries do so at their own risk. They are responsible for complying with local laws, if they are applicable for this situation. The service does not have commercials at this time, which gives it an advantage over many other providers out there.

CinemaNow has a lot to offer its users and puts its many years in the business to good use, creating a user-friendly website, impressive library, and many great features that are sure to please many digital content purchasers. Since users are not required a to pay an expensive and inconvenient monthly subscription fee, the service will really appeal to those who only buy or rent a few movies or shows each month and also to those who don’t want to commit to a long-term relationship with a single provider. The new release movies may be expensive for purchase, but older movies and rental are extremely competitive with other vendors in the industry.

CinemaNow also enjoy compatibility with a wide array of devises, including both iPhone- and Android-based ones, and has an easy set-up method for those devices via the CinemaNow app. Their partnership with Ultraviolet is useful to consumers as well, because it increases the portability of their purchases and gives them a better value.

Overall, CinemaNow seems to be a great way to get digital content, balancing the needs of both the consumer and content-creators to deliver a user-friendly, unobtrusive movie and television viewing experience. With the backing of tech-giant Best Buy, they should go far in making a name for themselves among download services.

Overall Ranking: 5.7/10


Author: iAlt

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