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Marc Radner (Seth Rogen) and his wife Kelly (Rose Byrne) love their neighborhood. But things start to go wrong when the house next door to them is sold to a fraternity. Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron) is the frat leader and he loves to throw the biggest parties possible. It doesn’t take long for the domestic lifestyle of the Radner’s collides with the frat life of Sanders and his crew.

“Neighbors” is a 2014 release that is directed by Nicholas Stoller and written by Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. Along with Seth Rogen, the movie’s cast includes familiar names such as Christopher Mintz-Plasse (“Kick-Ass” and “Kick-Ass 2″), Lisa Kurdow (“Friends”), and Dave Franco (“21 Jump Street”).

The trailer for the movie sets up an interesting conflict between suburban life and college recklessness. As with most Seth Rogen movies, nothing is sacred in “Neighbors.” From a fireworks show in the middle of a residential neighborhood to a baby chewing on a condom, this movie does everything it can to include as much shock value as possible.

The movie is set to release in May 2014 and it is being distributed by United International Pictures and Universal Pictures. The entire movie was filmed in Hollywood, California and includes several references to iconic movies such as “Taxi Driver.” The movie is rated R for its language, adult situations and scenes including nudity. It will have a nationwide opening and it will be released internationally as well.

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