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Welcome To Yesterday is the name of an upcoming science fiction/thriller adventure film, which is slated to be released domestically in the United States on February 28, 2014. The release date for international distribution of Welcome To Yesterday has yet to be announced, but an official decision is expected to be reached within the month.

The film itself has gotten off to a very rocky start, going through several changes of title, as well as some rewrites of its script. The project was initially announced as going under the title Almanac. This title was then changed to Cinema One. Finally, the film was renamed to its present title, Welcome To Yesterday. Shortly after this final title was announced, the movie itself began filming on location in Atlanta, Georgia, in May of 2013.

Welcome To Yesterday has been officially announced by its creators and distributors as an action/adventure/science fiction thriller. The film was directed by up and coming new Hollywood maven, Dean Israelite. As noted above, the screenplay of Welcome To Yesterday went through several rewrites before attaining its present form. Thus, the credit for screenwriter for the film goes to several individuals. These include the likes of Andrew Stark, Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman.

Welcome To Yesterday is slated to star an intriguing mix of young actors, among whom could very well emerge a new crop of Hollywood legends of the very near future. The cast of the film includes Jonny Weston, Sofia Black D’Elia, Amy Landecker, Michelle DeFraites, Ginny Gardner and Sam Lerner.

Welcome To Yesterday is set to be distributed by Hollywood power player, Paramount Pictures. The budget of the film was said to be slightly less than $100 million. Reports suggest the budget was deliberately kept low to avoid any potential losses during the initial release.

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